Only with preserved water we defend the right to Life


WEP effect 2022

WEP effect 2022 call for applications Application form – WEP effect 2022 Call propositions: The festival is open to public ...
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The WEP effect 2021 trophy has been awarded.

The WEP effect 2021 trophy has been awarded. The 2nd WEP effect 2021 videoconference took place on the 8th of ...
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Clean drinking water has no alternative

Clean drinking water has no alternative The 1st Festival WEP EFFECT 2020  with the theme „Water Education - Sustainable communication ...
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Social responsibility in preserving Water resources

The basic idea of ​​the project The Water Agent is to establish international cooperation and networking through the exchange of water consumption data that stimulates thoughtful water management.

Water is a particularly important source and is indispensable in everyday life as a food and as a technical water, in the production of food, transport, tourism and congestion, it is necessary to thoroughly direct the attention of the broader population to the importance of personal responsibility in terms of rational consumption as a reduction in water pollution.


On the planet, useful water is only 1%

Average water consumption in Europe liters per day/per person

Water consumption in schools 0.84L / per child / per day

Water agent

Today’s children, pupils and students will once again manage our environment, so it is important that they know and understand it as best as possible. Let us help them develop a responsible attitude towards the environment and water resources to protect it for the generations that come after them.

Content of the project

The project consists of three parts:

  • meter of water consumption,


  • Web application for data entry


  • mobile water stations.