Overall goal:  
To establish international cooperation, integration and networking of children, influencing on the behavior of children in the direction of rational use of water.

Special goals:  
Direct monitoring of water consumption, to initiate a process of rationalization of water consumption and presentation of the operation of the waste water treatment plants  and the impact of redundant excess foreign things (wastes) in the sewer at schools and kindergartens, connecting and networking through an application which creates opportunities for international communication.

Target group: children in primary schools and kindergartens.



Kopija od spletna aplikacija Vodni agent



With the additional activities in the classroom we are encouraging children to make the responsibility task and that they talk a lot about it. We know that children in the first three years very much learn through play or  through a meaningful task. This project provides just that. Integrating children into a new social network through the project Water agent is a very promising task because children are being trained through the a responsible manner. This also provides them responsible ecological knowledge. Children identify a change in the project and they get a sense of values that if we want something to change, we must start by ourself.  

Children are entering in the application largest local emitters, which can be compared with the participating regions. Our goal is to encourage children in schools to reflect on the everyday practices and change their behavior towards the rational use of water and to introduce such a system direct control of water consumption. We want to connect children internationally and to encourage them to build social network in another country. During this project with Water Agency will achieve important goals in international communication and social networking.

In project Water agent we see a perspective and promising tool for establishing international integration and networking of children in the new social network, as an application, developed by the Association of Water Agency, to see above the water, categorizing consumers of water intake unlimited number of measurements per day, broken down entry of measurements (number of users, amount of water consumed), automatic calculation of water consumed and to present the types and operations of waste water treatment plants.


Preparation for the project:

  • preparation of materials,
  • preparation for the workshops.

Training for mentors:

  •  mentors will hold workshops at participating schools.


  • one day workshop at elementary schools or kindergarten.

Installation of the water consumption measuring devices.

Monitoring and Collection of data about usage:

  • collection will last over a year.

Evaluation of the event:

  • We will organize a pre-final event at each school and then a final event, where we will announce the best Water agent school.

We want:

  • To educate young people about physical and chemical properties of water.
  • To educate children about distribution of water around the world.
  • To educate children about the role of water concerning the existence of living beings.
  • To educate children about the importance of water conservation in terms of nature, economy and family budgets.
  • Social networking of children in class; children are developing a responsible attitude to water.
  • Children will learn through work that is necessary to save any energy and that water is important for our natural well-being, with which we must deal carefully (somewhere on the other side of the world it is lacking …).
  • Children from different schools (including international) can encourage each other to the proper handling with water.
  • To connect children and teachers internationally in order to expand on the issues raised by the project.
  • Children learn through play what is responsible behavior to water.
  • Schools as an educational institutions are acquiring additional knowledge and solutions on how to save water.  
  • The project is going to be carried out to different medias.

The project allows an international cooperation and netting new social networks of children through the responsible task and and play. Our common goal is networking and building international communications of children through ecologically oriented project Water agent.