Social responsibility in preserving Water resources


is a voluntary, independent, non-profit association of natural and legal persons working in the field of nature protection and awareness of the importance of water resources. In the water company, we protect the environment and preserve our natural resources wherever we are, and the effects that are generated are reduced. We plan to monitor the use of resources, especially water and energy. By setting and achieving environmentally-friendly goals, we are focused on continual improvement of efficiency and enhancement of environmental protection. Our services and products are adapted to the global guidelines for environmental development. We are committed to monitoring and complying with all Slovenian and European legislative requirements in this field. We additionally monitor and comply with other normative and ethical requirements related to environmental aspects of operation. We also engage in professional initiatives that ensure the objective communication of scientific views on the impacts of our activities on the environment and the conservation of water resources. We also offer opportunities for responsible management of the environment and water to our users, members, sympathizers, … all those who are otherwise connected with this area in their work. We will be responsible for raising awareness and education of young people, conducting educational workshops, seminars, round tables on water issues in Slovenia and abroad.




The basic idea of ​​the project The Water Agent is to establish international cooperation and networking through the exchange of water consumption data that stimulates thoughtful water management.

The project leader is the Water Agencies Association, founded in 2013 in the Republic of Slovenia with the aim of directing the attention of the public to the importance of a responsible attitude towards water in nature. First of all, rational use and all accompanying phenomena from capturing water from nature, distribution to wastewater treatment.

Even before the formal formation of the organization, the Eco School program in Slovenia began to implement the program. Each drop is counted, which included the exchange of water consumption data among schools. In cooperation with pupils and teachers, the project evolved into a model that became a contribution to global activities for conserving water resources.

After the first phase of the exchange of water consumption data, the Water Agent application was developed. Https://, which, besides monitoring the amount of water consumed, enables international cooperation and networking of users as the program progressed beyond the Slovenian border. Already at the end of 2013, the operation of the organization got a regional character with the involvement of the Republic of Serbia. This is not only the area of ​​operation that is expanded, but also a pilot educational project that has delivered excellent results. We now have a Water Agent educational program, which is easily accessible to all interested schools, as a complement to existing learning content.

Who is the project for?

The project is designed for everyone. Children of elementary schools who are active as a target group for participation are actively involved. By educating and raising children, we raise future adult people with already formed awareness of water as a natural good, which is not unlimited but essential for the existence of all living things on Earth.

By educating children, we influence their direct environment, indirectly educating practically even the local population.

Through the project, we are working hard to establish contacts with local self-government bodies, utility companies that have mechanisms that can help children compare their environment with other regions.

Why is it important to deal with the theme of water, because for example, we pay for telephone bills much more than for water and utilities?

Water is a particularly important source and is indispensable in everyday life as a food and as a technical water (paziiii), in the production of food, transport, tourism and congestion it is necessary to thoroughly direct the attention of the broader population to the importance of personal responsibility in terms of rational consumption as a reduction in pollution water.

By the lack of drinking water, half of the population on Earth will meet by 2030. On the planet, useful water is only 1%. The average water consumption in Europe is 150l / day; water consumption is greater than the natural system can provide.

What have we achieved so far?

The implementation of the project in the school year 2014-2015 has spread from Strunjan to the Italian border to Krusevac in Serbia several thousand participants from these groups are directly involved and informed (schools, local government, media) training of coordinators is organized we came to the statistics of water consumption in schools 0.84L / child / day

Children with teachers participate independently in the project and through the Water Agent at, they introduce data on water consumption and establish communication with peers from other regions

Informing the public through accessible electronic and print media

What are we planning on?

  • The already started expansion of project activities is extended to the rest of the Western Balkan countries by training new local coordinators and involving new schools.
  • Preparation of the project of connecting towns along the Danube (Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade)
  • Expansion of project activities in the Danube region covering 20 countries directly related to the Danube and its tributaries.

 By expanding the network of coordinators (Water Agents) and networking of elementary schools we create the possibility of disseminating information and networking of stakeholders and entrepreneurs who are ready to support the project.

Identifying investment potentials, opening up new markets, promoting companies, their products and services across the Western Balkans through the Portfolio Water Agent.

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